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Ray Downey Memorial Music Library

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Corporate Tax Write-Off

Original Compositions \ Recording \

An epic atonal soundscape for strings and reed instruments. May or may not be satire...

Guida and the Rocks

Original Compositions \ Recording \

An ambient, aleatoric soundscape featuring semi-tonal Celtic winds and stone percussion.

Hanford Has the Blues

Original Compositions \ Recording \

An early electronic epic, reminiscent of classic sci-fi film scores. Very ambient and atonal.

Lynden Snake Dances

Original Compositions \ Recording \

Named for a city near the university at which the composer studied, Lynden Snake Dances is a western-style dance suite played in a variety of alternative styles. The movements (and styles) are as follows: Pavane (Gamelan), Galiard (Western Swing/Postmodern Blues), African Minuet (Various African Genres), and Gig (Big Band Jazz).

Retrospections of Shapes to Come

Original Compositions \ Recording \

A largely-improvised symphony featuring many non-western instruments, this is a true homage to jazz, the avant-garde, and as-yet-unheard possibilities.

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